June 8, 2020

When does Frequency come into play? … Part 3

Frequency has optimised our contact management system to allow flight teams to communicate openly and share real time information with the required parties which allows them to work together as a team to resolve any issues that arise ultimately resulting in dispatching the aircraft sooner. The key to this is being able to contact the required party and reducing the overall number of communications necessary by up to 60%.
June 6, 2020

When does Frequency come into play? … Part 2

Technical issues with aircraft are not uncommon and generally due to the level of redundancy on an aircraft aren’t critical. Regardless a technical issue on an aircraft needs to either be fixed or an alternative procedure put in place and any knock on effects understood.
June 4, 2020

When does Frequency come into play? … Part 1

A diversion is one of the most dynamic semi regular situations pilots deal with. An aircraft may divert for a number of reasons, sick passenger, technical issue, unable to land at destination airport, etc ...
July 25, 2018

Frequency’s Cockpit Communications Research.

Time pressure is the red line throughout the daily operations of a cockpit crew’s tasks and the correct communication tool at the correct moment can contribute a lot to the safe, on-time performance of every flight.