Frequency Aviation Collaboration Platform

Digitize communication - Streamline processes

By digitizing the airlines operations communications Frequency creates consistent messaging across operations teams and in turn to the customer helping to increase NPS.

Our cloud-based platform utilizes existing hardware optimizing the turnaround and disruption management processes.

Key Features

Frequency is a cloud-based SaaS solution utilizing existing hardware and does not require integration with IT systems.

Beyond line of sight

Create events


There are many tasks that need to be completed in sequence for a flight to depart on time. A delay in one task can unknowingly have an impact on any or all team members.

The ”events” function is a very simple way to communicate to everybody in a single message exactly what has happened, what action is being taken and how long it will take.

Creating the event automatically notifies all relevant users and prioritizes the flight card for the controller roles, so that support is provided when required to resolve any challenges as efficiently as possible.


Optimize resources



On blue sky days the resources are there to complete the tasks across the operation.

However, on severe disruption days, the impact to the passengers can be minimized by prioritizing optimally the available resources.

Frequency allows controllers to quickly triage what flight events need to be supported first.


Produce results


Open communication streamlines process and makes it possible to avoid delays even when things don’t go to plan.

If a delay is not avoidable, then unrestricted and structured information sharing ensures that the right decisions are arrived at sooner mitigating the consequences of the delay.

Put into effect


The key to avoiding delays and reducing their consequences is efficient implementation of the solution. The first step unfortunately is often the hardest, which is communicating the decision to the frontline teams.

This step is often not possible with communication roadblocks and depends on a chain of relayed messages and multiple repetitions – the resolution process is often slowed down and sometimes not completed.

This also leads to inconsistent messaging to customers and increased frustration, leading to lower NPS results.


Flight Cards

Flight cards present the most important information automatically to the controller’s view based on the attention needed.

Frequency’s powerful filters and pinning function allow controllers to further refine their focus to where the operation needs their input the most.


Multi-group messaging

Controller roles, in a single step, can broadcast a message to every flight group if the need arises.

This can be refined to a more specific group of flights as required, with the powerful filter functions – whether airport, aircraft type or flight status.


Review and Improve

Flights and events are archived and easily accessible to retrospectively review the airlines operation and understand what issue are having the biggest impact.

Within each group it can be further analyzed within events - where it is possible to see what happened, what action was taken, importantly when and what was the outcome.

Locked out Flights

Controllers and managers can lock out a flight group, if necessary, for example when a serious incident occurs.

When the flight card is locked out, any new user will first need permission from the controller / manager before they are permitted access