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Frequency is the global leader in internet based communication systems for the aviation industry using VoIP and multimedia technology while utilising recently installed 4G/5G tablets and on-board WiFi.

Frequency is an innovative, singular, simple and easy to use software solution to the complex network of communication systems currently used in aviation. Frequency always allows the use of the optimum method of communication to be used in flight and during turn arounds whether that is voice, text, file or photo to increase efficiency and increase safety while reducing delays and reducing costs.


Frequency is the world leading internet based communication system for aviation, founded by three airline pilots with over 40 years of flying experience. Frequency was inspired by their daily frustration using an overly complex system that relies on inefficient, unreliable and dated forms of communication.

How it Works


The Frequency team has the industry experience, technical knowledge and business acumen to complete the digital transformation of airline communications systems through VoIP and multimedia messaging, making flights safer, more efficient and less expensive.

How it Works


Utilising VoIP technology to extract the benefits and discard the limitations of existing communication tools


Frequency will introduce VoIP to the aviation industry in a way that hasn’t been done before. We combine the benefits of two way radio with the forefront of technology while discarding the limitations and inefficiencies of the dated technology of radio waves. We improve on the existing forms of communication used at a reduced cost. VHF, HF, ACARS and mobile phones can all be replaced by our single application. By using Frequency the customer will have less congested channels, increased reliability, increased efficiency and reduced costs for their communications which have a direct result in operational efficiency and costs. Frequency takes advantage of the industries rapid and increased adoption of technology such as on board Wi-Fi, 4G/5G connectivity on the ground and tablet use along with the consistent pressure to reduce costs.