Darach O'Comhrai

April 13, 2022

– Workshop –

Frequency Collaboration Pattern Mapping - Join our workshop to define your airlines operations business objectives and map the collaboration patterns required to implement them. We will quickly identify inefficiencies caused by roadblocks, relays, repetition, silos, and more.
November 26, 2021

Frequency for Flight Departure Process

Frequency and the Departure Process - Coordination through relationships and communication is necessary for the successful completion of a variety of processes - The importance of coordination is elevated as the number of people involved in the process, its complexity and time pressure increases
November 18, 2021

Frequency for Fleet Arrival Management

Frequency and the Fleet Arrival Management - All the Airline’s live flights are automatically created as flight groups for collaboration across the airline’s operation. - In this example we will look only at flights utilised during the Fleet Arrival Management Study.
November 13, 2021

AI and Frequency Collaboration Platform

AI operations Management - Frequency Frequency platform contains a live feed of the full Airline day of operation. Flights are automatically created as flight groups.