When does Frequency come into play? … Part 3

Frequency dealing with Tech Issue
When does Frequency come into play? … Part 2
June 6, 2020
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Frequency – Spark Crowdfunding – Success
July 3, 2020
Frequency dealing with Tech Issue
When does Frequency come into play? … Part 2
June 6, 2020
Frequency Spark Crowdfunding Logo
Frequency – Spark Crowdfunding – Success
July 3, 2020

The Pre-Departure

From the research we have carried out we can show that Frequency can reduce the average turn around by 2 minutes. Airborne scenarios such as those discussed, in previous posts i.e. scenarios 1 & 2 although critical with far larger benefits in terms of costs, delays and safety to the operation are less common and therefore far more difficult to gather quantitative data on.

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Frequency has optimised our contact management system to allow flight teams to communicate openly and share real time information with the required parties which allows them to work together as a team to resolve any issues that arise ultimately resulting in dispatching the aircraft sooner. The key to this is being able to contact the required party and reducing the overall number of communications necessary by up to 60%.

Frequency Take Off On Time
Taking Off On Time

The issue …

Currently if the pilots discover an issue with the aircraft pre departure they will use a congested companywide unsecure VHF channel, which would be used by multiply aircraft and flight crews to contact various airline departments, to speak to the Maintenance Control Centre (MCC), once they manage to get their chance to speak on the channel they then must hope that MCC is listening out. When they establish communication they will request that MCC contact their flight engineer and request them to come up to the flight deck. Once achieved MCC will likely attempt to relay an expected time of arrival of the engineer. This simple and common example of a back and forth of unnecessary relayed messages can easily take up to 2 minutes delaying the resolution of the issue.

On a flight that is Frequency enabled the flight crew will be able to easily tell if their engineer is available using our presence feature then select their assigned flight engineer and communicate directly with them over the secure uncongested system, reducing the time and resources required.

Currently …

There are currently 8 different communication systems that a pilot will use throughout the day. These eight systems have come about as technology advances new forms of communication have been able to solve a particular communication issue but none have been able to replace the previous, and therefore have been included as an additional form which has resulted in this complicated web of communication.

Mobile PhoneUnlimited RangeNot always charged
  Can’t be used in the air
  1-2-1 communication only
Satellite PhoneUnlimited RangeVery Expensive
 Can be used in the airNot always installed
  Voice Only
VHFMultipartyShort Range <200nm
 CheapVoice Only
HFLone rangeVery Poor quality
  Voice Only
  Expensive hardware & Maintenance
ACARSUnlimited RangeExpensive
  Limited text only
  Slow and Complicated
CPDLCReduces VHF congestionATC Only
  Not always reliable
  Only pre-defined messages
EmailCan transfer filesRarely used
 CheapNot practical for flight operations
Landline PhoneCheapOnly in office
Current Systems at play
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Frequency …

Frequency now has the ability to be a singular unified communication system for the aviation industry. Frequency was designed by extracting the benefits of each system while discarding their individual restrictions.

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