National Startup Awards Ireland – 2018

Bravo! Frequency set to revolutionise airline communication
April 26, 2018
Frequency Research Study Survey
Frequency’s Cockpit Communications Research.
July 25, 2018

Thursday the 17th of May 2018 the National Startup Awards took place in Dublin.

Frequency Communications Ltd. entered in the category “Early Stage Startup” and won Silver. The Frequency idea was born out of the daily frustration of three airline pilots – First Officer Justin Perry, Captain Darach O’Comhrai and Captain Kris Vansteenkiste. 

Capt Kris Vansteenkiste, Captain Darach O'Comhrai and F/O Justin Luke Perry of Frequency at the National Startup Awards in Dublin

Frequency Communications Ltd, improves Airlines’ disruption management by 10 %.

In general, Airlines use a combination of 8 separate outdated and inefficient systems to communicate in a safety critical environment. This overly complicated network leads to poor communication, increased delays, increased costs and reduced safety.

The 8 outdated separate communication methods exist because advances in technology introduced new forms of communication and solved singular problems. However, no single form of communication has been able to wholly replace and improve the existing methods, as each has its own limitations and constraints, until now.

Currently, VHF has relatively limited range of roughly 150nm, limited capacity and only works in line of sight. HF has longer range but very poor reliability and sound quality. Mobile Phones have unlimited range but cannot be used in the air. ACARS and CPDLC improve capacity issues and have good range but are expensive and are basic text only systems.

Frequency finally resolves all these issues by integrating all these different forms of communications into one.

National Startup Awards website can be found here.

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